Sadaqa Initiative

The Sadaqa Initiative – a flagship program of IIIBF – is a cutting-edge research think-tank providing certified programs and consultancy services specializing in Islamic Social Finance – Sadaqa, Zakat, Waqf and their application in Islamic Not-for-Profit Finance, Microfinance and Humanitarian Finance. It is hosted at Sadaqa.In

A major component of the Sadaqa Initiative involves setting up a series of Sadaqa Crowdfunding Platforms as part of a research initiative to identify alternative sources of financing the SDGs.


IBF Net: Islamic Business and Finance Network

IBF Net: The Islamic Business & Finance Network is the oldest online community in the field created in the year 1999 @ Yahoo. Currently, it has over 5000 members. You are invited to be a member of this network. You may like to participate and respond to discussions at the yahoo-based group.

You may subscribe to IBF Net here.