Certified Halal Business Analyst




Halal, an Arabic word defined as permissible according to Islamic law, is required in the consumption of goods and services for Muslims. The market for halal businesses is enormous and growing. According to recent estimates, the size of halal food and beverages alone is placed at US$1292 billion, clothing & fashion at US$266 billion, travel at US$140 billion, media & recreation at US$166 billion and pharma & cosmetics at a staggering US$72 billion.

Certification and infrastructure are essential to cater to Muslim-targeting businesses. Certification plays an important role in ensuring compliance to Islamic law and in assuring consumers of the reliability of halal products. The enforcement of Islamic jurisprudence providing businesses with clear guidelines and support greatly eases the process of halal certification. Stable infrastructure and standardised certifying processes also boost the country’s recognition and reliability in the global halal network.

The purpose of this course is to develop a cadre of certified halal business analysts to address the human resources needs in this growing sector.



Date of Commencement: TBA