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IBF Net: The Islamic Business & Finance Network is the oldest online community in the field created in the year 1999 with a mission to support the creation of a halal ecosystem. Currently, it has over 50 thousand members spread across the globe.

With the advent of Web 3.0 technologies, its mission was expanded to create a miniature Islamic economy on the blockchain and further to create an Islamic metaverse.

The blockchain based platforms that cater to the philanthropy, not-for-profit and for-profit sectors of the Islamic economy are now part of Islamic Business and Finance Network Exchange (IBFNEX).


Fee Waiver for Members

As a student of IIIBF you are entitled to a deep discount in tuition fee if you  become a member of IBFNEX and make the fee payment in IBFX – the native token of the community. IBFX tokens can be obtained through your membership wallet. 

This fee waiver is NOT admissible retrospectively, that is, AFTER you are enrolled into a course and have made the payment in USD.

So if you are interested in doing an IIIBF course, it is far more economical to seek membership of IBFNEX; own a digital wallet for IBFX tokens and make the fee and all other payments (e.g. purchase of books or any other services) using this native token of the community.

This deep discount is made possible due to various cost savings that we benefit from while using cryptos instead of fiat through the international payment system. So, do not forget to give a thums up to cryptos! 

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