What Some of Our Alumni Say....

H Abdur Raqeeb, CeZM


“Congratulations to IIIBF for providing this course to the general Muslims.Most of the people know more about Salat, Sawm and Hajj but knowledge of how to calculate zakat and how to distribute is not generally known to many.”

Kazi Mohammed Riyazuddin, CeZM


“On the whole, the course is well structured. It helps a person to understand the concepts of zakat very well. “

Vladimir Malenko, CeZM


“The course is very well-structured and well-paced, allows the participant to build on knowledge as s/he progresses through the course.”

Nora Lahssini, CeZM


“The contents of this course are of high quality, I have no hesitation in recommending this course”

Shahid Ahmed Patel Noorullah, CeZM


“The contents of this course are of high quality and based on cutting-edge research”

Khateeb Ahmed, CeZM


“The course content is great but an addition of more examples from the Quran and sunnah would make it better”

Basila Hassan O.K. CeZM


“The course is very well structured and planned. A sincere effort is behind this. May Allah accept this work as a good deed and reward the mentors. Ameen”

Fayruz Mohamed, CeZM

South Africa

“The course is well written, easy to grasp and what I found really interesting was the contemporary issues we currently face on the application of zakat”

Nur Zulaikha Binti Zulkifli, CeZM


“In my opinion, this course is excellent but if can top-up a little bit more foot note or reference source, it will be more great.”

Irawan Febianto, CeZM


“Provides good lessons and knowledge on zakat around the world. Thank you. Alhamdulillah.”

Stanley Soeropawiro, CeZM


“Over all, it was a very beneficial training for me, providing me with new insights in the use of zakat”

Melih Turan, CeZM


“As a zakat enthusiast, I loved your course. It should be also in other languages too I think.”

Gökhan Kahraman, CeZM


“Pop quizzes help the students learn easily”

Hassan Zia Syed, CeZM


“The course is aptly structured and each module further enhanced the knowledge previously acquired in the previous module”

Naeem Suleman Dhiraj, CeZM

United States of America

“This is a great course. Keep it up. Thanks.”

Mohammad Zahid Mateen, CeZM


“State-of-the-art and provides good domain knowledge.”

Ruslan Sabirzyanov, CeZM


“A useful learning experience for me”

Imad El Fadili, CeZM


“It is a well-structured course Alhamdolilah. Good job!”

Swaleha Samar, CeZM, CeWM


“I like the course. It is filled with useful knowledge and easy to grasp”

Khalfan Mgeituff, CeZM


“High quality, based on cutting-edge research”

Mohammed Shafeeque, CeZM


“A wonderful learning experience”

Muhammad Azmi Bin Zainuddin, CeZM


“I like the real cases where zakat is being implemented.”

Shahbaz Alam Nadwi, CeWM


“State-of-the-art and provides good domain knowledge”

Billal Omarjee, CeWM

“This course was probably the best short and most informative that someone can do on this topic.”

Yassir Salim, CeIMF


“The course is very well-structured and well-paced and the contents of this course are of high quality.”